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Welcome to Foreign Languages

Fullerton College French Film Festival

We are proud to present the Fullerton College French Film Festival. Click here for more information.Image of Eiffel Tower


Introduction to the Department of Foreign Languages

The Foreign Language Department at Fullerton College offers courses for credit in six languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. All language courses are structured in the following way: Beginning levels 1 and 2 for the first year of instruction (101 and 102) and intermediate levels 3 and 4 (203 and 204) for the second year of instruction. We also offer conversation courses, Honors courses in first-year Spanish, a course designed for Heritage Spanish Speakers, and survey courses on Latin american and Spanish Literatures for advanced students. We provide more than 60 sections of language classes each semester including online courses in elementary and intermediate Spanish.

The department currently has a teaching staff of five full-time and over twenty part-time instructors. We provide educational support for students through the Academic Support Center's Language Lab and the Tutoring Center.

For more information on the Foreign Language Program at Fullerton College, please browse the links to the right, and contact Lina Callahan, Department Coordinator, with any questions.